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Custom Sc2 Learn By Dying Logos

We got our custom Learn By Dying logo into Sc2 due to the new custom logo feature in 2.1 today! The full logo is now the logo for the clan in general and this simplified icon shows up in game. Totally cool!

Hearthstone Night 2, Sc2! and Team Organization

So tonight was the 2nd night of Hearthstone Season 2, my first time playing Sc2 in a long time and a slow, but important day at work!

Hafu retweeted and responded to my shirt post!

Yesterday I posted a picture of me, Kerrigan and my new Hafu shirt.

My Favorite Twitch Streamers

I watch a lot of twitch.tv. This makes sense due to my employer having 3+ games in the top ten at any given moment. I wanted to take a post and point out my favorite streamers and why I like their streams so much. I am going to break this down by game but currently I’m watching more Hearthstone than anything else.

Finally playing again

This past week I’ve finally started playing sc2 again. I started with 4v4’s winning all 5 placement matches (placing into Diamond) and then losing my first real game tonight. The game I lost was a 3v4 though so I don’t feel that bad about it.

MLG 2011 National Championships at Providence, RI

I had a great time this weekend. I want to air my one complaint first. If you follow my twitter it’s obvious that I was very mad at the seating situation. While playing in the tournament (Friday and Sat morning) I had a blast. Fun booths, playing sc2, seeing pros, getting photos, seeing friends. The even is great. After getting knocked out on Sat we left pretty quickly. I couldn’t see a reason to stay. I can watch the Ultra stream on my big screen at home and be able to sit. Once the tourney was over the chance to randomly see pros and friends drops dramatically since everyone isn’t walking around as much.

Huk to EG and LoL Prize Money

After listening to this weeks shows I feel the need to express MY pointless opinion on the interwebs so…

Masters 3v3!

I played a ton of team games tonight. A bunch of different 2v2,3v3 and 4v4 games got played and I ended up with a diamond 4v4 team and a masters 3v3 team! SO AWESOME! This makes me really happy. During season one I didn’t get past platinum in teams (I think). This is working out much better!


So my last two games today were basically the exact same game. I played against Protoss players that built WAY too many cannons. In both games this made me want to attack them. My thought process is the naive “Haha, wasted minerals on cannons!” Of course this isn’t true since I was so under droned that they easily had more minerals than me in order to make cannons and more units. If I had droned up enough then their cannons might have been a waste.

NE Sc2 Season 2 Tournament 3

Today I played in the 3rd tournement of the second season of the New England Sc2 League. I won my first match and then lost two in a row. Standard operating procedure pretty much. The game I won was a close fight against someone that was equal to me as far as rank goes. That felt like a nice win. After that the other two games were vs people that are ranked way higher than me so it makes sense. The best part was that I got to debut my keyboard bag! My mom made this bag out of fabric that I made via Fabric on Demand. It’s made to only carry my full size Filco keyboard along with my mouse, headset and mousepad. It works perfect and looks amazing!

Starting to play again

So I’ve finally started playing again in preperation for the NE Sc2 Tourney this saturday. I havn’t been playing recently due to anger. I didn’t like how mad I got when playing. I’ve done many things to try and help this and I think I might have found something that works. Feel free to email me if you want any more info about that.

My Scouting Sucks

Today was only good in that I was able to play 12 games and didn't get incredibly mad while doing it. The problem is that I won 3 of those games. I ended up losing way more points than I won and didn't even make a dent in my bonus pool. Now I feel too tired to play and have to go do something else. My fingers feel like... electric (not in a good way) so I keep screwing things up.

My scouting is terrible. Just map awareness is bad but I NEVER know what they are doing. If I play where I feel I'm teching and scouting then I feel like i have no units when they do push out and then I lose. If I don't scout I'm never prepared and they always push out right when I'm planting my expansions (must be great to have invisible observers or scans to scout with). If I spend apm on scouting then my macro immediately goes to shit, including early game. Don't know how I'm going to solve this.

It's also aparent that I don't know jack shit about timings. Four gates are hitting me with my pants done cause I don't know what to scout for. Terrans just end up pushing with thors and killing me and ZvZ I'm just at a loss. A number of the games today even went to late game and I don't even have a second to be happy cause I immediately fall apart. These platinum players have enough apm to harass in multiple places while expanding and I just run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I lose too many drones and then they push and I have nothing to stop the push cause their units by this point ussually hard counter mine. I didn't scout, they did and I didn't tech cause I was too busy dealing with whatever they were doing. It's fucking terrible. I want to play this game but if I go 3-9 every time I actually get 3 hours to play I'm not going to be able to keep it up.

2011-05-03 Ladder Practice (2/2)

Last night I got another 4 games in. Unfortunately I only went 2/2 and didn't manage to stream the best game which was the first.

It was vs a protoss cross positions on Shattered Temple. I'm in the north and him in the south. He opens the game by saying "Hey faggot"... to which I respond by immediately blocking him. I find him try to place a cannon at my natural and attack it with lings (went pool first). He cancels the cannon and loses the pylon and runs away. I then just start droning up and making some roaches keeping an eye on when he expands (he doesn't). He eventually came at me with about 5 void rays and a bunch of other units. When he first tried to push I killed his proxy pylon easily (had it within roach range at the gold). The next push had all of the void rays but I easily killed them with my 4 queens all transfusing each other while my hydras / roaches took care of the ground army. I love beating assholes (but of course have trouble getting mad when they beat me!)

Second game was ZvZ where he pushed right when I put down my 3rd and was teching (CLASSIC Kelsin not scouting mistakes).

Third game was a terran cross positions on meta. I was able to stop his marine/tank/thor push with my banelings and mutas and was able to make enough roachs off of my 5 base at the time to stop his expansion attempts at the gold and 3rd after.

Forth game was on Xel'naga where the terran went even more tank/thor (less marines) and I went too heavy on mutas and lost them with bad positioning.

Lessons learned? SCOUT MORE!

Notes about this week of games

So I managed to get top 5 in my current Diamond division. It's a pretty new division and most good players (at my level) would be in a division formed much closer to our ladder season. I'll secure my place as long as I play enough to use my bonus pool.

Two nights ago I played the best games of my life (as well as flipping out on my stream... embarassing). The night started out badly. I lost a ZvZ where I fast expanded to slings. The next game was a DT rush that I didn't see at all... After that I got another ZvZ and decided to sling myself against the opponents fast expand. He got spine crawlers up in his main base and I decided to lose too many units to it. After that he got blings and owned me while I didn't transition. Lesson learned but I got super pissed after the game and hit my leg on my stream. Hopefully the embarassment will keep me from doing it again.

After that lost another ZvZ where I left early due to not canceling my hatch that was being killed by slings. After that however I played three games vs Protoss where I felt like my macro was ON FIRE. The third game wasn't as much on fire with macro but I actually scouted that he was going all gateway and held off his 6 gate AND his future pushes with hydras and creep all over the map. The earlier games I held off deathballs and VR pushes by actually getting air when I needed it (not before) and over macroing and denying bases. I felt like I was scanning my base a ton. Responding when buildings finished. Scouted more than normal (but not enough). Injects were well timed. I also managed to get a lot of bases and get gas on them and saturate them at the right times which is great!

Last night I went 2-2. Lost to a bunker rush and to a sentry heavy toss push that completely played with my flank. I moved some roaches behind his army to flank when he pushed and he saw it and just killed them first and I lost right there. The two games I won was one Terran that didn't have his macro up to snuff and one toss where I managed to overtake him and get broodlords to seal the deal.

Main notes that I got from all of this? I still need to scout WAY more, and just learn what to do in different situations. Fact of the matter is the other day I scouted 2rax in close positions and made drones... like just lack of experience. I know 2rax is bad, and even though common sense says make units I didn't know that for sure, but now I do. I need to analyze losses more (instead of just blaming macro but that is a key component of course) and make sure to not get pissed when I lose. As far as I see the two main things holding me back from doing better at NE Sc2 lans is scouting (big time) and being able to play games without getting mad (a lot harder to fix). We'll see how it goes this weekend! I'll try to stream every game I play as normal.

Three Losses

Played three games tonight and all three were horrible losses. Two diamonds and a Platinum to round it out (I lose to the opponents that Blizzard gives me to win against as well). Totally prepared to be demoted any time. Turns out I'm glad Blizzard started hiding loses so I can't remember how fucking horrible I've been playing.

First two games weren't even close. I had no army, they had armies. Third game our supplies were technically equal when he attacked, except that half of my army supply was technically in eggs, most died when it hatched due to the army trying to run to the waypoint. Regardless of the first battle he backed off and let me get even with him on food again; everyone knows what a Toss vs Zerg even army battle looks like however. I had nothing but roaches and lings + hydras (since the first fight had no collossi). Second fight had three so my army died without him losing anything important. Immortals + Collossi + Stalkers = dead lings + roaches + hydras + 6 mutas.

Just have to continue practicing macro to eventually be able to beat platinums. Maybe someday I'll have enough apm to scout.

Custom Zerg Hotkeys Part II

After playing with these hotkeys for one day (only one ladder game however, I'm a wimp) I've made quite a few changes.

I played with the setup I had yesterday for a bunch of custom games vs the AI to see how it felt. Overall I liked it. I then played one ladder game with it and lost due to being out of practice (at least not due to the keys!). I then I played two custom games with my old key bindings. Immediately a bunch of things stuck out.

Space for Base Camera

I'm going to try and make this my main key to spam when looking for things to do. This is the only way to see how my hatcheries are doing as far as injects. I love having all of my queens on one hotkey again (wasn't doing this for a little while) but this leads to not being able to inject which isn't very good.

Unit Control Groups

Going back to 1-6 for units with A as attack felt COMPLETELY natural so basically I decided that I shouldn't change this. Unit groups being 1-6 and A being attack will stay no matter what. This morning I even tried making S, D and F control groups for units and this felt wrong as well.

Custom control groups for buildings

This aspect was something I immediately missed when going back to standard keys. Using control groups 5-7 for buildings immediately felt very wrong! This told me I was on the right track.

Using this data I tried some more stuff out this morning. I've ended up deciding that I want three custom control groups. One for macroing and then 3 more for production. After multiple trials I've settled on Q for macro (loved this from yesterday) and T, G and B for production. F for production was too useful for units/abilities and didn't leave a lot of space for the other two groups. If I made R and V control groups as well I was left with almost NO space at all... not good!

I also figured out (this morning) that I didn't like putting keys to the right of these production hotkeys for anything. I didn't like having to move my hand to macro AND use abilities so that was scratched quickly. I did however want to use more camera locations. I've settled on Tab with Y,H and N to be camera locations (as well as F1-F4). Tab will be my main base. This is where I go to build buildings and stuff like that. This provides a easy hotkey to return to home and provides Tab-Q to immediately go home and select Queens, or go home and select my town hall for other races. From then W does creep/build workers and E does my macro ability (chrono, inject or mule). I'm going to make Y,H and N be other camera locations with the idea being I can quicklky hit GH to select a production building and then focus on it. For Protoss I will make H go to my warp in location since I already have a notification that my warp in is ready (the icon on the screen). For other races H will focus on the barracks that are grouped to G.  For zerg H will be my rally location for units so I can quickly go "GH", hit the hotkey for the unit I want to make and then select new units that are coming out. Simular stuff will happen for TY and BN.


I did love using WE for abilities on units so I'm keeping that and seeing how it feels in big battles. R is stance changing. For zerg this is ALWAYS burron on all of the units and it's also the key for moving my crawlers. For tanks R is siege/unsiege and cloak. I make sure that R is always the key to train cloak and siege as well. Anytime a unit morphs that hotkey is V (hatchery, spire, ling, overlord, corrupter). V is also always upgrade buildings (evolution, forge, engineering bay etc). Building normal building is always W and advance is E. I then try to keep buildings semi simular across races. W is town hall, E is gas, R is supply (roach warren for zerg). S is rax/gateway/pool. F is always turret/spore and C is bunker/spine. Cannons for Toss are F and C.


For zerg selecting hatcheries will always be T, G or B and units are as follows:

  • D: Drone
  • Z: Ling
  • A: Overlord
  • R: Roach
  • E: Hydra
  • F: Infestor
  • X: Muta
  • C: Corruptor
  • W: Ultra
  • S: Select Larva

When I can I keep the building that allows for these units to be the same key (roach, infestor, hydra, ultra, etc)

I follow simular strats with Toss and Terran but try to keep the keys close to the building control group. Robo and Factory use Z,X,C and V for production for example. For Terran I have W and E do tech lab and reactor so my Starport hotkeys are A,S,D,F and R.


I moved Stop, Hold Position and Patrol to X, C and Z respectively. The best part about this is my early game spam. I constantly hit GSD as zerg now (to build drones) and none of these keys are abilities of the drone so spamming can't cause me to stop them (since stop is changed). I havn't tried this for toss/terran yet. I know I'll be hitting Tab-Q a lot on them so hopefully the same thing applys. I'll hopefully find anyother bad key overloads soon and change them.

I know this has been a long post but it was very interesting to me how returning to normal keys immediately told me which changes were good and which were bad. I hope the camera/control groups pairs prove helpful!

Custom Zerg Hotkeys

After hearing Tyler talk about his hotkey setup it made me want to try and create my own as well. We'll see how it goes.

I had no idea where to begin so I'm just going to try and solve large groups of functionality.

My control groups

I have 1-4 being normal control groups and then Q, A, Z and X also being control groups. While playing zerg I'm going to have hatches on A and and queens on Q. When playing other races I'm going to have town halls on Q and rax on A, fac/robo on Z and star's on X. Unit creation buttons stream from this so raz units are sdf and star/fac/robo units are cvb while the macro ability is E. Zerg creep spread is W (on queen and tumor) and larva inject is E.

Unit Control

Right now I put units on 1-4 and us 5 as attack. I don't know if I like this. It can feel clunky. 6 is hold position and ` is patrol. S is stop and M is move (which I don't use). Mainly I can't use A as attack anymore and that's the most ingrained muscle memory I have.

Abilities and Upgrades

Abilities are almost always W, E, R and T. R is used for burrow on all zerg units so normal abilities are W, E and T. Upgrades on buildings are ussually on W, E and R or W, E, S and D. Just kind of grid laid out.


I feel like unit control is really hard right now. I don't like 5 as attack but the only "comfortable" button is A. I think this is only muscle memory though and nothing else. I'm going to try and get used to this 5 thing for now. 

I have no idea if this is worth it or not, I feel almost like I should just go back to classic... don't now. Guess I'll try this for a little bit and change it later if I really don't like it.


Havn't gotten enough time to really practice anything recently. I've been playing lots of team games which is probably making my 1v1 worse. I'm also playing the ESEA matches but with no 1v1 practice it really doesn't help.

I get really furious when I lose 1v1 so I've been avoiding it... which is a problem since I don't get any better. Going to have to try and solve this at some point but not yet.

First ESEA Win!

Our team finally won a round in ESEA last night. We went 3-2 in total after the ace match. I got paired with a diamond Zerg and actually took him out 2-0 is two of the closest games I've ever played.

The first game we BOTH went with EGMachine's ZvZ build. The first agression happened near my base while I sent 4 banelings into his. Luckily my banelings did some damage while I was able to move my drones out of the way. I managed to kill two of his banelings with my zerglings (safely) and then got the other two via my queen. I put up two spine crawlers and decided to keep at it with the lings. At one point we both attacked each other at the same time, but I feel my superior building placement, two spines and queen helped keep me a live with about 5 drones while I managed to kill ALL of his drones. After we had some ling fights and I came out on top he gg'd.

The second game I started with the same build, but he ended up coming at me with ALL of his drones and 6 lings right when I started my lings. He only planted one spine in my creep and I attacked with all of my drones trying to keep them away from his lings and backing off when he did (waiting for my lings to pop). Eventually my lings popped and I ended the fight with 2 lings and about 3 drones left (my queen popping and speed popping for my lings helped a lot).

At that point I ran to his base and actually micro'd my two lings to kill his 3 drones without a loss. He had two lings pop but I just ran mine away (speed for the win) and got two more lings out (thank god I built those) which allowed me to kill his 2 easily with my 4. At this point he gg'd. He had no drones and I could kill any units that popped in his base while building enough to take out his buildings.

I was thrilled. After that we were 2-1 (Shane couldn't make it so his forfeit made us 2-2). We picked our terran diamond player to play their diamond zerg player (not the one I faced) in the ace match. He lost the first game and put us on edge, but then won the next two! So finally we have a Baneling Bust team win in ESEA!

Bronze to Gold NE Sc2 League tourney

Yesterday I went to the Bronze to Gold tournament that the NE Sc2 league hosted. It was at the Boomkin gaming center up in Haverhill mass. The location was pretty great. They had lots of game systems and TV's. They even had a rock band stage and stuff like that. If they got computers it would be a perfect place so hopefully they do that.

The tournament went pretty well. Had some great final fights in the round robin section between the winners of the bronze, silver and gold teams. I do have to say though (and no offense meant to anyone) but all of the strategy talk that went on seemed so pointless. Everyone in the tourney has to do one thing to get better: constantly build workers. The games that were one sided were only that way cause one player had double the workers of the other.

I've been playing a lot more team games as random as well. It's pretty fun. Slowly feeling like I'm getting up to speed with the other races. We still lose games due to macro in general, but that will improve I'm sure. Playing random teams is pretty fun since I'm not used to playing with people of my level, and that actually happens pretty often in random teams.

Random and Team 2v2's as Random

Tonight I finally played my first random team games as random. I havn't touched any quick match games with random teams (due to me being scared of getting jerks) but tonight I decided I don't care. I want to practice playing random vs other real players and this is the best way to do it without tanking my 1v1 rating.

If Blizzard is listening: I will buy a smurf account as soon as you enable two accounts on one b.net id... for shizzle.

I played three placement matches for random 2v2. So far I'm 3 for 3. Two of the games I was zerg and the one middle one I was terran (with a terran partner). The zerg matches were largely uneventfull. I can't even remember them. The middle game was the most interesting since I was actually off race. I decided to try out marine tank so quickly got 2 barracks and a factory out and started getting marines and tanks. I forgot about getting stim for a while into the game, but it turns out marines are good anyway.

One opponent went void rays while the other did a lot of gameway units (as far as I can tell). Their first push looked scary (and at one point they killed my army before my team mate could get to my natural expansion). After this push I macro'd up (hard) and expanded 4 times at once. I got no planetary fortresses opting for crazy amount of mules that allowed me to pump marines like there was no tomorrow. The only other moment I was scared was when I saw the void rays coming into my team mates base. Luckily stimmed marines get there quick enough and absolutely DESTROY void rays... so that was cleaned up easily.

Definitely a good time.

After this I played some 2v2's with a friend and played random again. We played our 5th placement match and won. Got placed into bronze. We then played a game where we got opponents who were favored and we creamed them. A good two games for sure. One game I was zerg and the next protoss. Playing as random is definitely a ton of fun. I hope to do it more.

NE Sc2 League Season 1 Qualifier 2

Saturday was the second qualifier for the NE Sc2 League season 1. I won my first match pretty quickly and was unfortunately paired up against Bitters for round 2. The games went pretty quick with him completely out macroing me. That combined with excellent force field placement made these games go by VERY quickly.


My first losers bracket match was vs Logo (a very nice master level zerg). I tried to go baneling the first game and when I scouted his roach warren I did the normal cancel on the baneling nest and went roaches myself. The first battle finally happened with my roaches vs Logo's roaches plus queens which didn't work out for me. The second game I tried Slush's fast burrow build but I'm not that good at it and just wanted to see what happened. Being out macro'd makes any match difficult so it ended pretty quickly as well.

So the tournament didn't go as well as the first qualifier (for me) but it was very fun and I got to watch a lot of very good players play. I'm very excited for the third. On top of that I'm also going to go to the Bronze to Gold tournament this coming weekend. I can't play in it (unfortunately) but it's at a lan center that's pretty close (only 40 minutes away) so i want to go to support the league and to maybe get some team games going after :)

Fnatic Game

I got to play the ESEA match game vs Fnatic today. So much fun! These guys are really nice and actually said hi in the channel and stuff prior to the games. I got to tell Fenix that I liked watching his games last year at IEM NY and got to tell KawaiiRice how great it was when I played him in a TL Open and only killed one marine.

Luckily this time I did indeed kill MORE THAN ONE MARINE! We chatted about it prior to these matches and we joke about it in the first game.

Both games he went for a 5 marine + 1 helion push and scouted with the factory after that. He expands add 4 more rax for a 5 rax push of pure marine. It worked both times. Here's some screenshots from the games.


The replays are available on the NE Sc2 League Forums in this thread.


ROOT ESEA Match and 2 z33k games

So last night the first match was me vs ROOTslush (from ROOT gaming). I was super excited to be able to play pros that I watch on a regular basis. My teammate Rob played ROOTCatZ.

The matches were both fast. The first game was on iCCup Match Point. Slush 10 pooled (I think) and while I held it, it set me back. I then made a weird decision to expand even though he hadn't yet. He then attacked with a ton of roaches and won.

The second game I picked iCCup Valhalla. Slush did a roach build with very fast burrow and roach speed which worked great. He came and attacked and while I "held" it via two spine crawlers and my own roaches while I got an expansion up he eventually just had too many roaches and was able to kill me. He was constantly picking off one of my roaches via targetting and then burrowing again. I didn't have any detection this early in the game. It was pretty effective. I actually copied the build in my one ladder game (just happened to be zvz) and won!

After the ladder game I played in the NE Sc2 League online qualifier #1 and got beat pretty quickly by a 5 gate. I was a standard game for me cause I forgot to pull guys off of gas and got supply blocked so I had no hope of holding off the 5 gate.

Lastly I played my z33k league match vs Zoltan (3k master terran who is 3-0 [not 4-0] in my group). The first game was on Lost Temple and we got close positions. He bunker rushed and while I killed the svc and one marine, he got 3 more marines and 5 svcs to come and finish the bunker and I quit.

The second game I got close positions on Metalopolis and he assumed I was going to 14 hatch again so he built a bunker at my natural. I'm so bad when this happens. I see the bunker, send guys to attack it then realize I have 500 minerals. I need to build my pool RIGHT away if something is blocking the hatchery but I never remember that first thing. He eventually just ran the building scv away and then canceled the bunker so I got my hatch down. Then later he pushed with 3 tanks and marines and I just didn't have enough to hold it at all. Spines are worthless vs tanks and roaches and lings can't get close to the tanks without taking heavy losses so I just need A LOT more units from better macro up until that point to matter.

At this point it was enough loses to make me not want to play anymore. I want to get more ladder games in tonight so we'll see if that happens. I'll also try to update this post with some shots from the games later as well.

Trying some 2v2 random

So tonight I took the plunge and tried 2v2 random with my friend James.

Game 1 I got protoss (James plays protoss as well) and we didn't wall in and died to mass lings. No problem, only the first placement match after all.

Second game I spawned terran and we were vs a toss/terran team as well. We died cause they know how to make units faster. Again... no problem :)

Third game was finally a win! I spawned protoss and we were able to overwell our zerg/protoss enemies. The first attack looked grim (and I tried to get VR's which didn't work against the opponents stalkers), but after that I focused on macro and making units from my 7 gateways which ended up working out ok!

Last game I did spawn as zerg but we were against two zerg. One tech'd to ultras (which we just let him do, stupid us) while the other just got roach hydra. It didn't work out in our favor when we finally attacked since we had a ground army (him stalkers, me lings/roaches).

Definitely learned some things and had fun playing random!

Here are some screenshots from the game we won:


TL Sc2 Open #13

Today I played in the Team Liquid Sc2 Open #13.

The first game was vs a diamond protoss and I ended up winning. I scouted a 4 gate early on (picture below) so I canceled my natural expansion and planted down 4 spine crawlers and pumped out lings. I'm not sure if this is a good response or not? I'll have to ask some master league players that I know.

When he came to attack he didn't plant a proxy pylon, poked into my natural, saw that there was nothing there and pulled back. Since I probably overmade lings at that point I decided to just follow and trap his army. This worked very well and I killed off what he had outside of his base. I began roach production and took down his natural rocks and also killed his natural nexus. Soon after he pushed with his whole army and void rays but I just had too much.


The second game was vs a master level protoss and didn't go so well. The main mistake I made was accidentally right clicking on a gas when I had my hatchery selected. This meant that all of my drone production was going right to my gas geyser as you can see in the first picture. This took a LONG time to find and correct. I kept going "Why are there guys mining gas again???". This slowed me down a whole bunch.

The opponent pushed with a stalker and zealot and while I held it off, I lost some lings needlessly due to a waypoint mishap and also never canceled my expansion hatchery costing me a lot of money. I also planted the hatchery at about 25, way too late.

When he pushed finally he had 3 void rays, I had 3 queens and a bunch of roaches. I crushed his ground army with the roaches and spine crawlers due to him focus firing my queens down. So end the end I had about 5 roaches and he had 3 void rays killing them. I had no queens and decided to gg instead of dragging it out.

 All in all a good tournament for me, excited for the next one and very happy with how I did (even with the darn mistakes of the second game).

Two Ladder Wins and a Custom Loss

So tonight I had one custom game and 2 ladder games.

On the custom game I played a terran player from the NE Sc2 League. My macro was all over the place (first game of the night and was nervous) so I didn't play very well. He said he was going to go 2 rax and instead ended up not doing anything till his big push later on with marines, tanks, and a lot of thors. By that point I probably should have had broods or ultras to help out but I didn't and he crushed me.

On the first ladder game I played a terran on meta. I played like complete crap but despite the terran's diamond league status so did he. He tried to go crazy banshee in the beginning. He did some damage until I got my group of 5 queens and a overseer up. Then he couldn't do any more damage to me. My macro was so bad I never really recovered from that damage and made drones again, so my income was really bad most of the game. I ended up making roaches and mutas and eventually he pushed with 6-7 banshees plus like 15 marines...

I was amazed that was all he had, figured it was just a tiny push. I crushed it and he quit... :)

The last game was a 48 minutes game. Was a normal ZvT for a while. I tried to keep my macro up and think I succeeded. He eventually pushed with helions and tanks and I had enough roaches to hold it off. I decided to upgrade FAST so got 3/3 roaches before I had to do any more poking. I got broodlords and basically tried to keep him to 3 bases with the roaches and broodlords. After I took his first third he started building planetaries so eventually he got other bases up and it would just be a constant battle of me out producing him but then losing my army trying to wipe him out, over and over again. I tried to be smart about attacking but eventually just had to and I think I came out ahead most of the time. Never attacked without resources and larva ready and stuff like that. Eventually he got a ton of vikings to counter the broods and I crushed him by refilling to 200 with only roaches. I kept bases mining the whole game and felt like I deserved it. I think the game would have been 25-30 minutes if planetary fortresses didn't exist. Next time this happens I need to get Ultras out by the end. I was at 3/3 for melee too so they would have been great.

Unfortunately I'm getting a splitting headache so that's all I'm going to play tonight.