Finally playing again

This past week I’ve finally started playing sc2 again. I started with 4v4’s winning all 5 placement matches (placing into Diamond) and then losing my first real game tonight. The game I lost was a 3v4 though so I don’t feel that bad about it.

Today was a big day though: I finally started playing 1v1 tonight! I decided to start playing random on ladder which is a very scary thought. I queued up as random for my placement matches (I guess if enough seasons go by you DO have to fully place again which is cool) and of course I got zerg 4/5 times and won 3/5 times. The last game was as a zerg vs a terran and I lost to pure marines + medivac. I never made infestors like always! Darn me.

The next game (as a real platinum now) was Protoss where I lost HORRIBLY and then as Terran where I lost again.

I then decided that this was a dumb idea. Playing random won’t work cause my MMR is way too high as Terran and Protoss and I don’t like just losing flat out each game when I random them so I’m going to play only Terran and Toss for a while until I get (or stay) in platinum enough to feel like I belong there. Then I can start actually playing random and not feel like 1 race is above MMR and 2 are below. This will let me get the 25 win achievements with each race too which will be cool.

I got angry after I played vs the terran but I calmly decided that not making infestors was the largest mistake to fix and kept playing. Losing a bunch as Terran and Protoss helped me calm down as well.

I can’t wait to play more but for now it’s WAY to late and I need to sleep!