Huk to EG and LoL Prize Money

After listening to this weeks shows I feel the need to express MY pointless opinion on the interwebs so…

Huk to EG

This is awesome. Grats to Huk! If you get a life changing deal, you take it. I’m very happy for him and I’m going to love rooting for Huk and Idra at the next MLG. I would root for Huk and Idra no matter what teams they played on. When a team league comes up I think about the teams more, but until then I care more about the players. I love that there is enough money for stuff like this to happen.

My problem with it is that there aren’t many teams that can do that… yet. This is just a weird time. I think most of the negativity about this comes from this fact. There aren’t many teams that can offer this amount of money to players. Once more teams get money I think this type of thing will happen more and I think everyone will benefit.

League of Legends

Watching LoL is NOTHING like watching sc2. I don’t know what the future holds for these things, but I’m super glad that these companies are able to announce 1-5 million tourneys for MOBAs. The games are exetremely fun to play and clearly appeal to a lot of people. I still like watching sc2 more since the games are shorter and cooler and I think more skill is involved. As long as all of esports continue getting money I think it’s awesome.