NE Sc2 League Season 1 Qualifier 2

Saturday was the second qualifier for the NE Sc2 League season 1. I won my first match pretty quickly and was unfortunately paired up against Bitters for round 2. The games went pretty quick with him completely out macroing me. That combined with excellent force field placement made these games go by VERY quickly.


My first losers bracket match was vs Logo (a very nice master level zerg). I tried to go baneling the first game and when I scouted his roach warren I did the normal cancel on the baneling nest and went roaches myself. The first battle finally happened with my roaches vs Logo's roaches plus queens which didn't work out for me. The second game I tried Slush's fast burrow build but I'm not that good at it and just wanted to see what happened. Being out macro'd makes any match difficult so it ended pretty quickly as well.

So the tournament didn't go as well as the first qualifier (for me) but it was very fun and I got to watch a lot of very good players play. I'm very excited for the third. On top of that I'm also going to go to the Bronze to Gold tournament this coming weekend. I can't play in it (unfortunately) but it's at a lan center that's pretty close (only 40 minutes away) so i want to go to support the league and to maybe get some team games going after :)