My Scouting Sucks

Today was only good in that I was able to play 12 games and didn't get incredibly mad while doing it. The problem is that I won 3 of those games. I ended up losing way more points than I won and didn't even make a dent in my bonus pool. Now I feel too tired to play and have to go do something else. My fingers feel like... electric (not in a good way) so I keep screwing things up.

My scouting is terrible. Just map awareness is bad but I NEVER know what they are doing. If I play where I feel I'm teching and scouting then I feel like i have no units when they do push out and then I lose. If I don't scout I'm never prepared and they always push out right when I'm planting my expansions (must be great to have invisible observers or scans to scout with). If I spend apm on scouting then my macro immediately goes to shit, including early game. Don't know how I'm going to solve this.

It's also aparent that I don't know jack shit about timings. Four gates are hitting me with my pants done cause I don't know what to scout for. Terrans just end up pushing with thors and killing me and ZvZ I'm just at a loss. A number of the games today even went to late game and I don't even have a second to be happy cause I immediately fall apart. These platinum players have enough apm to harass in multiple places while expanding and I just run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I lose too many drones and then they push and I have nothing to stop the push cause their units by this point ussually hard counter mine. I didn't scout, they did and I didn't tech cause I was too busy dealing with whatever they were doing. It's fucking terrible. I want to play this game but if I go 3-9 every time I actually get 3 hours to play I'm not going to be able to keep it up.