Bronze to Gold NE Sc2 League tourney

Yesterday I went to the Bronze to Gold tournament that the NE Sc2 league hosted. It was at the Boomkin gaming center up in Haverhill mass. The location was pretty great. They had lots of game systems and TV's. They even had a rock band stage and stuff like that. If they got computers it would be a perfect place so hopefully they do that.

The tournament went pretty well. Had some great final fights in the round robin section between the winners of the bronze, silver and gold teams. I do have to say though (and no offense meant to anyone) but all of the strategy talk that went on seemed so pointless. Everyone in the tourney has to do one thing to get better: constantly build workers. The games that were one sided were only that way cause one player had double the workers of the other.

I've been playing a lot more team games as random as well. It's pretty fun. Slowly feeling like I'm getting up to speed with the other races. We still lose games due to macro in general, but that will improve I'm sure. Playing random teams is pretty fun since I'm not used to playing with people of my level, and that actually happens pretty often in random teams.