MLG 2011 National Championships at Providence, RI

I had a great time this weekend. I want to air my one complaint first. If you follow my twitter it’s obvious that I was very mad at the seating situation. While playing in the tournament (Friday and Sat morning) I had a blast. Fun booths, playing sc2, seeing pros, getting photos, seeing friends. The even is great. After getting knocked out on Sat we left pretty quickly. I couldn’t see a reason to stay. I can watch the Ultra stream on my big screen at home and be able to sit. Once the tourney was over the chance to randomly see pros and friends drops dramatically since everyone isn’t walking around as much.

Since there weren’t enough seats I went right home. The next day I got their prior to 10 assuming I could get a seat in the sc2 section for the day. I couldn’t. So I left and went home until the evening and came back only for the two bracket finals. The finals were great but I spend the time standing and sitting on the ground. I wish they had enough seats…

Anyway beyond that I got my photo with Idra (I look really stupid in it however) and Kawaiirice which is awesome.

The other exciting thing for me was seeing girls competeing. Both Flo and Ailuj did really good in the tournament and I hope they set a good example for more women to start competeing. As long as dumb ass esport idiots don’t ruin it, I really hope this happens.