2011-05-03 Ladder Practice (2/2)

Last night I got another 4 games in. Unfortunately I only went 2/2 and didn't manage to stream the best game which was the first.

It was vs a protoss cross positions on Shattered Temple. I'm in the north and him in the south. He opens the game by saying "Hey faggot"... to which I respond by immediately blocking him. I find him try to place a cannon at my natural and attack it with lings (went pool first). He cancels the cannon and loses the pylon and runs away. I then just start droning up and making some roaches keeping an eye on when he expands (he doesn't). He eventually came at me with about 5 void rays and a bunch of other units. When he first tried to push I killed his proxy pylon easily (had it within roach range at the gold). The next push had all of the void rays but I easily killed them with my 4 queens all transfusing each other while my hydras / roaches took care of the ground army. I love beating assholes (but of course have trouble getting mad when they beat me!)

Second game was ZvZ where he pushed right when I put down my 3rd and was teching (CLASSIC Kelsin not scouting mistakes).

Third game was a terran cross positions on meta. I was able to stop his marine/tank/thor push with my banelings and mutas and was able to make enough roachs off of my 5 base at the time to stop his expansion attempts at the gold and 3rd after.

Forth game was on Xel'naga where the terran went even more tank/thor (less marines) and I went too heavy on mutas and lost them with bad positioning.

Lessons learned? SCOUT MORE!