M-x Kelsin

About Me

Christopher Giroir

My nickname online since around 1997 has been Kelsin.


I live in Irvine, CA with my wife Caitlin, my daughter Kerrigan, my dog (Grubby), and my cats (Blurry, Maeby, Pepperoni and Parmesian).

Kerrigan has finally started gaming with me and loves playing Unstable Unicorns and Smash Bros.


Professionally I currently work on the metrics platform for Airbnb. I've previously done a lot of coding in both Tcl, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Go. I currently do most of my work in Python. To see more of what I'm currently experiementing with you can check out my github profile.

Board Games

My main hobby outside of work is collecting board games. I'm particularly a fan of the 18xx family of games and games with heavy economic systems. You can check out my board game collection on BoardGameGeek.

Video Games

I tend to play a few games for a long time (very different from my wife's habbits). I've always been a very big fan of roguelikes and indie titles.

XBox Live