Two Ladder Wins and a Custom Loss

So tonight I had one custom game and 2 ladder games.

On the custom game I played a terran player from the NE Sc2 League. My macro was all over the place (first game of the night and was nervous) so I didn't play very well. He said he was going to go 2 rax and instead ended up not doing anything till his big push later on with marines, tanks, and a lot of thors. By that point I probably should have had broods or ultras to help out but I didn't and he crushed me.

On the first ladder game I played a terran on meta. I played like complete crap but despite the terran's diamond league status so did he. He tried to go crazy banshee in the beginning. He did some damage until I got my group of 5 queens and a overseer up. Then he couldn't do any more damage to me. My macro was so bad I never really recovered from that damage and made drones again, so my income was really bad most of the game. I ended up making roaches and mutas and eventually he pushed with 6-7 banshees plus like 15 marines...

I was amazed that was all he had, figured it was just a tiny push. I crushed it and he quit... :)

The last game was a 48 minutes game. Was a normal ZvT for a while. I tried to keep my macro up and think I succeeded. He eventually pushed with helions and tanks and I had enough roaches to hold it off. I decided to upgrade FAST so got 3/3 roaches before I had to do any more poking. I got broodlords and basically tried to keep him to 3 bases with the roaches and broodlords. After I took his first third he started building planetaries so eventually he got other bases up and it would just be a constant battle of me out producing him but then losing my army trying to wipe him out, over and over again. I tried to be smart about attacking but eventually just had to and I think I came out ahead most of the time. Never attacked without resources and larva ready and stuff like that. Eventually he got a ton of vikings to counter the broods and I crushed him by refilling to 200 with only roaches. I kept bases mining the whole game and felt like I deserved it. I think the game would have been 25-30 minutes if planetary fortresses didn't exist. Next time this happens I need to get Ultras out by the end. I was at 3/3 for melee too so they would have been great.

Unfortunately I'm getting a splitting headache so that's all I'm going to play tonight.