So my last two games today were basically the exact same game. I played against Protoss players that built WAY too many cannons. In both games this made me want to attack them. My thought process is the naive “Haha, wasted minerals on cannons!” Of course this isn’t true since I was so under droned that they easily had more minerals than me in order to make cannons and more units. If I had droned up enough then their cannons might have been a waste.

On top of that I didn’t expand as fast as I should have. I should go for a quicker third when I see that the Protoss has done a forge first build.

The main thing to fix is my droning however. I should fully saturate bases and try to make units when I need to. Of course every game that I do this in I end up being attacked before I have any units at all and die a horrible anger-filled death.

Tonight at least solidified that I deserve my demotion into Platinum. I played a bunch of 1v1’s today. The ones I won were very hard to win, and the ones I lost made me look like an idiot. All were against other platinum players so clearly I’m right where I belong :-(

UPDATE: I was thinking about these games this morning and had something that I would try next time. First of all I want to tech to broodlords asap. But in doing that I need to make sure they don’t take 1/2 of the map in expansions too fast. When I attacked into their cannon’d third the attack would have been good if their army wasn’t there. I think if I tried a double nydus (easily affordable if I consider how much they spent on cannons) to draw their army into their main and THEN pushed the 3rd with roaches it would have gone much better. They were already defensive but if this keeps them in their base I should have time to push for broodlords after that. If I transition from roach to hydra/broods then I should be in good shape. Definitely stuff to practice when I see this again.