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Learning C++

Recently I’ve started brushing up on C++. I haven’t programmed in it seriously since college. After enlisting the helpt of local C++ experts I found the following books to use.

Leading With Empathy

I’m finding that leaders don’t always lead with empathy. To start, here is the definition of empathy that I’m using:

Home Directory Cleanup

I started looking into organizing my .zshrc which ended up taking me down a rabbit hole of crazy projects and dotfile repos. The result is the fact that I definitely want to redo my config repo. Here are my goals:

ZSH Prompt

Today I got my main zsh setup going. I made a new .zshrc based on many of the modules in Prezto.


I’m going to try out ZSH again. I do feel like my bash config is getting a big slow and I want to see if zsh can improve that. I’m also really interested in learning how to use the directory expansion feature as well.