My Favorite Twitch Streamers

I watch a lot of This makes sense due to my employer having 3+ games in the top ten at any given moment. I wanted to take a post and point out my favorite streamers and why I like their streams so much. I am going to break this down by game but currently I’m watching more Hearthstone than anything else.

Starcraft II


Anyone who has watches almost any Starcraft knows of Day9. I’m one of the many who enjoys his Starcraft II casting a lot. I’ve watched his Day9 daily show since it was on Livestream (before he switched to UStream and now finally Twitch). For those looking for an intro in what this dude is like, take a look at his 100th Day 9 Daily. This video is good even for non-gamers. He discusses his life, how he got into Starcraft, his families involvement in his Starcraft career and other such stuff.

His stream is generally extremely entertaining and informative. He has a good schedule that now includes playing random games on Fridays and studying Hearthstone on Wednesdays as well as his normal Starcraft dailies on Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday.


When I’m in the mood for serious, high-level sc2 play… this is one of the channels I turn to. I’ve liked watching Huk play since seeing him live at the IEM NY 2010 tournament at Comic Con NY.


Love him or hate him his skill in sc2 is pretty high. Lately he’s also been playing some Dota2 with fans so I haven’t been watching as much… but I still love watching his sc2 games.



Hafu become a well known name after winning the 2011 World of Warcraft arena tournament with her team at Blizzcon 2011. Since then she has played some Bloodline Champions, League of Legends and others before settling into her current schedule of 100% Hearthstone. She discusses strategy, has good mods, has a great community surrounding her stream and is a generally positive person. Definitely one of my favorite streams at the moment!


I love this dude’s stream no matter what he’s playing, but lately it’s been a lot of Hearthstone. Make sure to check out his Turn 2 podcast on iHearthU as well! He’s normally working on constructed play (not arena like most streamers) and I love this aspect. He normally cranks out a ton of games while slowly improving his decks which is definitely fun to watch.


Knowledgable CCG player who heavily discusses his strategy while playing hearthstone constructed. Low pop stream at the moment so he often interacts with chat. Very informative. Very good games. Nothing not to like!


Another former MTG player who explains his decisions in game very well with great constructed play any time his stream is on. Well worth the time.

League of Legends


I started watching Voyboy during season 3 when he played top. Unfortunately he’s currently playing mid on Team Curse… but I still end up watching. He does a great job of explaining most game decisions including what he did wrong after a particularly bad game. Great game sense and a good mix of explanation and game play made this one of my favorite streams on Twitch for a long time.


Quas is the current top laner for Team Curse and while he doesn’t stream a lot, when he does you end up seeing some great top lane play featuring some champs that you don’t always see when watching tournament streams. He’s currently my favorite top lane stream… wished he was able to stream more often when I could watch.


A Riot employee and caster of many League of Legends events, Phreak is very well known to anyone that is into league of legends. His stream delivers. He constantly plays many roles and many champs and explains a lot about how they all play. For any casual player of the game, there is a lot to learn about champs you don’t play and Phreak’s stream is a great way to do that.