Fnatic Game

I got to play the ESEA match game vs Fnatic today. So much fun! These guys are really nice and actually said hi in the channel and stuff prior to the games. I got to tell Fenix that I liked watching his games last year at IEM NY and got to tell KawaiiRice how great it was when I played him in a TL Open and only killed one marine.

Luckily this time I did indeed kill MORE THAN ONE MARINE! We chatted about it prior to these matches and we joke about it in the first game.

Both games he went for a 5 marine + 1 helion push and scouted with the factory after that. He expands add 4 more rax for a 5 rax push of pure marine. It worked both times. Here's some screenshots from the games.


The replays are available on the NE Sc2 League Forums in this thread.