TL Sc2 Open #13

Today I played in the Team Liquid Sc2 Open #13.

The first game was vs a diamond protoss and I ended up winning. I scouted a 4 gate early on (picture below) so I canceled my natural expansion and planted down 4 spine crawlers and pumped out lings. I'm not sure if this is a good response or not? I'll have to ask some master league players that I know.

When he came to attack he didn't plant a proxy pylon, poked into my natural, saw that there was nothing there and pulled back. Since I probably overmade lings at that point I decided to just follow and trap his army. This worked very well and I killed off what he had outside of his base. I began roach production and took down his natural rocks and also killed his natural nexus. Soon after he pushed with his whole army and void rays but I just had too much.


The second game was vs a master level protoss and didn't go so well. The main mistake I made was accidentally right clicking on a gas when I had my hatchery selected. This meant that all of my drone production was going right to my gas geyser as you can see in the first picture. This took a LONG time to find and correct. I kept going "Why are there guys mining gas again???". This slowed me down a whole bunch.

The opponent pushed with a stalker and zealot and while I held it off, I lost some lings needlessly due to a waypoint mishap and also never canceled my expansion hatchery costing me a lot of money. I also planted the hatchery at about 25, way too late.

When he pushed finally he had 3 void rays, I had 3 queens and a bunch of roaches. I crushed his ground army with the roaches and spine crawlers due to him focus firing my queens down. So end the end I had about 5 roaches and he had 3 void rays killing them. I had no queens and decided to gg instead of dragging it out.

 All in all a good tournament for me, excited for the next one and very happy with how I did (even with the darn mistakes of the second game).