NE Sc2 Season 2 Tournament 3

Today I played in the 3rd tournement of the second season of the New England Sc2 League. I won my first match and then lost two in a row. Standard operating procedure pretty much. The game I won was a close fight against someone that was equal to me as far as rank goes. That felt like a nice win. After that the other two games were vs people that are ranked way higher than me so it makes sense. The best part was that I got to debut my keyboard bag! My mom made this bag out of fabric that I made via Fabric on Demand. It’s made to only carry my full size Filco keyboard along with my mouse, headset and mousepad. It works perfect and looks amazing!

Kelsin's Awesome Bag

The first match was with a platinum random player and I won the first ZvP after defending his 4 gate. The next game was a ZvZ and went from ling/bling wars into roach wars. He then tried to transition to muta but I was able to out macro and kill him. Sweet Victory!

The next match was vs a masters player that just beat Boyo. I did not have high hopes and both ZvZ’s ended very quickly during the bling wars. The last match was vs a very good terran player. The first game I died to tanks and marines with helions by him making me multitask! The second game was crazy but ended in a base trade and since I didn’t have air yet, base trading doesn’t work :cry:

Hopefully I’ll do better at the next tournament with some good practice!

NE Sc2 League Season 2 Tournament 3 Bracket