Random and Team 2v2's as Random

Tonight I finally played my first random team games as random. I havn't touched any quick match games with random teams (due to me being scared of getting jerks) but tonight I decided I don't care. I want to practice playing random vs other real players and this is the best way to do it without tanking my 1v1 rating.

If Blizzard is listening: I will buy a smurf account as soon as you enable two accounts on one b.net id... for shizzle.

I played three placement matches for random 2v2. So far I'm 3 for 3. Two of the games I was zerg and the one middle one I was terran (with a terran partner). The zerg matches were largely uneventfull. I can't even remember them. The middle game was the most interesting since I was actually off race. I decided to try out marine tank so quickly got 2 barracks and a factory out and started getting marines and tanks. I forgot about getting stim for a while into the game, but it turns out marines are good anyway.

One opponent went void rays while the other did a lot of gameway units (as far as I can tell). Their first push looked scary (and at one point they killed my army before my team mate could get to my natural expansion). After this push I macro'd up (hard) and expanded 4 times at once. I got no planetary fortresses opting for crazy amount of mules that allowed me to pump marines like there was no tomorrow. The only other moment I was scared was when I saw the void rays coming into my team mates base. Luckily stimmed marines get there quick enough and absolutely DESTROY void rays... so that was cleaned up easily.

Definitely a good time.

After this I played some 2v2's with a friend and played random again. We played our 5th placement match and won. Got placed into bronze. We then played a game where we got opponents who were favored and we creamed them. A good two games for sure. One game I was zerg and the next protoss. Playing as random is definitely a ton of fun. I hope to do it more.