Three Losses

Played three games tonight and all three were horrible losses. Two diamonds and a Platinum to round it out (I lose to the opponents that Blizzard gives me to win against as well). Totally prepared to be demoted any time. Turns out I'm glad Blizzard started hiding loses so I can't remember how fucking horrible I've been playing.

First two games weren't even close. I had no army, they had armies. Third game our supplies were technically equal when he attacked, except that half of my army supply was technically in eggs, most died when it hatched due to the army trying to run to the waypoint. Regardless of the first battle he backed off and let me get even with him on food again; everyone knows what a Toss vs Zerg even army battle looks like however. I had nothing but roaches and lings + hydras (since the first fight had no collossi). Second fight had three so my army died without him losing anything important. Immortals + Collossi + Stalkers = dead lings + roaches + hydras + 6 mutas.

Just have to continue practicing macro to eventually be able to beat platinums. Maybe someday I'll have enough apm to scout.