Masters 3v3!

I played a ton of team games tonight. A bunch of different 2v2,3v3 and 4v4 games got played and I ended up with a diamond 4v4 team and a masters 3v3 team! SO AWESOME! This makes me really happy. During season one I didn’t get past platinum in teams (I think). This is working out much better!

I need to practice 1v1 but still get scared of it even though I know I shouldn’t. I will probably try to fit some in tomorrow after work. I do feel my macro is getting better but there is a ton of refinement left to do still. Plus scouting is still a major problem for me. It’s easier in teams when you have teammates who can scout ;-)

The best part is the last game. I had to leave and pick up my wife so I left probably a bit earlier than I should and immediately left the house. When I left we had just lost a HUGE battle in the middle and we all basically had nothing. I was sure the game was over. Later on when I get back home I have a skype message saying that the 3rd member of the team actually ended up winning and that’s how we got into masters…. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!