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LoL Rune ideas

Here are a few rune builds that I’m looking forward to trying.

Huk to EG and LoL Prize Money

After listening to this weeks shows I feel the need to express MY pointless opinion on the interwebs so…

League of Legends

I’ve started to try this game. Honestly I love the graphics and a lot of friends play this game (even though original DotA or HoN are probably the better games). Last night I decided to buy the digital collectors pack since it feels like a good deal, comes with the special annie skin, and includes basically every hero I wanted to try. I someone own Corki (no idea how), I also own Tristana (don’t know why, assuming the recent facebook promotion gave me the hero + skin?). After buying the collectors pack I also picked up Ashe (seems like a good one to have) and Nunu (cheap!) via IP points and Kennen (he was on sale and cute) via left over RP. I still have 1.9k RP left over for more skins later on!

Masters 3v3!

I played a ton of team games tonight. A bunch of different 2v2,3v3 and 4v4 games got played and I ended up with a diamond 4v4 team and a masters 3v3 team! SO AWESOME! This makes me really happy. During season one I didn’t get past platinum in teams (I think). This is working out much better!


So my last two games today were basically the exact same game. I played against Protoss players that built WAY too many cannons. In both games this made me want to attack them. My thought process is the naive “Haha, wasted minerals on cannons!” Of course this isn’t true since I was so under droned that they easily had more minerals than me in order to make cannons and more units. If I had droned up enough then their cannons might have been a waste.