League of Legends

I’ve started to try this game. Honestly I love the graphics and a lot of friends play this game (even though original DotA or HoN are probably the better games). Last night I decided to buy the digital collectors pack since it feels like a good deal, comes with the special annie skin, and includes basically every hero I wanted to try. I someone own Corki (no idea how), I also own Tristana (don’t know why, assuming the recent facebook promotion gave me the hero + skin?). After buying the collectors pack I also picked up Ashe (seems like a good one to have) and Nunu (cheap!) via IP points and Kennen (he was on sale and cute) via left over RP. I still have 1.9k RP left over for more skins later on!

This morning I built a spreadsheet linking to guides that I would use depending on my role on the team.

For each role I bolded the character I would like to try most right now, and then italicized the characters I would try next (due to bans later on, or just not enjoying the character I bolded). I’m sure this spreadsheet will change a lot due to me getting more heros, and due to me actually playing the game.

I’d used this guide to come up with most of the choices, and to figure out that I wanted to buy this pack.


I think the turtle is cute so he’s going to be my first pick. I would probably try Amumu next and Cho’Gath (standard dude) after that. I was going to possible try Amumu first since people say he’s great, but since he’s banned a lot in ranked games I decided Rammus might be a better choice.

AD Carry

Tristana and Teemo are too cute to pass up! I got the Riot Girl Tristana skin due to the facebook promo so I’m going to start there.

AP Carry

Annie and Kennen for the same reasons as above. There are so many characters in these roles that picking ones that are cute seem fine! I got the goth annie skin in the collectors pack and Kennen was on sale so I bought him as well. I didn’t buy a Kennen skin since honestly his skins are not very cool… I like his purple outfit just fine.


The guide talked about Janna a lot for this so I’m going to try her first with the big cow dude being my second choice!

Offtank + Jungle

Warwick seems like a common choice for both roles so I’m going to choose him first. My roommate likes playing him so I’m not expecting to play this a lot. I would try Alistar or Amumu (maybe even Nunu since I bought him) after this.

I can’t wait to play more! If anyone has any advice about these choices or wants to play just let me know. Send a friend request to “Kelsin” in game!