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Switching to Vundle

After only a couple of days I did start finding git submodules annoying (again… who knew?). In order to get them out of my configs I’ve moved over from pathogen to Vundle. Pathogen lets all of your plugins behave like Mac Apps and line in their own little folders, instead of coexisting with other vim files in a single vim runtime folder (normally ~/.vim). Vundle takes this same approach but manages the git cloneing and updating of these plugins. So instead of autoloading whatever is in a folder, you define what plugins you want and are then able to install/update them from inside git.

Vim Autoloading

While writing my imports plugin I learned about vim’s autoloading feature. This started as me being confused (while looking at other plugins) about why some things were in the autoload folder and some were in the plugins folder. To me both folders appeared to be autoloaded at startup… but this isn’t the case!


This project is NOT ready for full publication yet… it’s also not totally tested by me yet, but I want to write about how it works and how I learned enough vimscript to make it work.

Getting the full maven project classpath

I’m working on some vim plugins that will help with java coding and in the process of doing so I realized that most of my issues would be solved if I had a text file that lists all of the classes available in my project’s class path. I want to include:

Global GitIgnore

A couple of days ago I used the github guide to setup a global git ignore file. Today I realized that it wasn’t working at work. The command version of git config used an absolute path to the file when using a ~ relative file works perfectly fine.