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New M-x Kelsin

I’ve spent the past few weeks redesigning my blog and moving it away from Posthaven and onto github pages.

Weechat for IRC

Due to the commit activity, the settings structure, and the support for encrypted settings I decided to switch back to weechat for IRC. Soon I will also working in a minbif config but taking things one step at a time.

OS X notifications from remote Weechat in a screen session

I run my weechat irc client on a linode which makes it hard to get notifications. It’s running in a screen session so that I can rejoin it at any time, but when I’m working I want to be notified of private messages or mentions of my name in any channels. Using the help of terminal-notifier and inspiration from simular solutions I set off to make my own version using unix-sockets for communications instead of plain files.

Using God as a monitor service for my VPS

Despite some issues I do like god as a monitoring solution for my vps. I understand the config files and feel comfortable with it’s commands and logging. I don’t currently like my rvm solution for running it so this morning I converted over to using rbenv.

Installing Arch in Virtual Box as a dev environment

Might be trying to move to a linux VM for most of my development at work. More to come in future blog posts about what has gone wrong with my setups during the past few weeks. For now I decided to figure out how hard it would be to get a new setup up and running at home. It was pretty easy so I will be trying this tomorrow at work. I’m using VirtualBox (since it’s quick and easy) and have choosen Arch linux since I want this machine to be small and lightening fast.