OS X notifications from remote Weechat in a screen session

I run my weechat irc client on a linode which makes it hard to get notifications. It’s running in a screen session so that I can rejoin it at any time, but when I’m working I want to be notified of private messages or mentions of my name in any channels. Using the help of terminal-notifier and inspiration from simular solutions I set off to make my own version using unix-sockets for communications instead of plain files.

First I had to write the weechat plugin which was fortunately very easy. My plugin is currently hosted on github with most of this explanation in it’s readme.

Next I needed the bash script to read through and notify me:

function irc-notification {

  terminal-notifier \
    -title IRC \
    -subtitle "$TYPE" \
    -message "$MSG" \
    -appIcon ~/path/to/icon.png \
    -contentImage ~/path/to/icon.png \
    -execute "/usr/local/bin/tmux select-window -t 0:IRC" \
    -activate com.apple.Terminal \
    -sound default \
    -group IRC

function get-irc-notifications {
  ssh remote.host.net 'nc -k -l -U /tmp/weechat.notify.sock' | \
    while read type message; do
      irc-notification "$(echo -n $type | base64 -D -)" "$(echo -n $message | base64 -D -)"

I haven’t figured out how I want to run my get-irc-notifications function yet. Currently I’m just running it manually. Once I figure that out I’ll edit this post with my solution.