New M-x Kelsin

I’ve spent the past few weeks redesigning my blog and moving it away from Posthaven and onto github pages.

I’ve decided to move away from posthaven since they seem really slow with making any improvements. I learned that they have no export function, no markdown support and it wasn’t easy to embed things that I wanted to embed. I thought development would be moving along but it’s been three months since any features were added and that feature was to add one form field to the post editing UI.

I’ve tried to blog with jekyll before and got obsessed with custom plugins and hosting on AWS. This time I’m going for a pure github pages blog that is built on github. This means no custom jekyll code at all. Currently I’m building the front end files with gulp, but the blog itself builds on github.

The design is based on other blog themes but was fully made from scratch so I could experiment with some new front end options. I want to add custom header images per post which I will be adding over the next few days.

I failed at posting since Febuary so I’m hoping to get back into it :smile:, we’ll see how it goes.