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Trying some 2v2 random

So tonight I took the plunge and tried 2v2 random with my friend James.

Game 1 I got protoss (James plays protoss as well) and we didn't wall in and died to mass lings. No problem, only the first placement match after all.

Second game I spawned terran and we were vs a toss/terran team as well. We died cause they know how to make units faster. Again... no problem :)

Third game was finally a win! I spawned protoss and we were able to overwell our zerg/protoss enemies. The first attack looked grim (and I tried to get VR's which didn't work against the opponents stalkers), but after that I focused on macro and making units from my 7 gateways which ended up working out ok!

Last game I did spawn as zerg but we were against two zerg. One tech'd to ultras (which we just let him do, stupid us) while the other just got roach hydra. It didn't work out in our favor when we finally attacked since we had a ground army (him stalkers, me lings/roaches).

Definitely learned some things and had fun playing random!

Here are some screenshots from the game we won:


Two days in a row?

We went to the gym again today. For now we really want to try and start a Sat/Sun/Tues/Thurs schedule. The only issues are Tues and Thurs mean really early morning if we want time for cardio and strength training (which I really want to keep doing).

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday but I used 4 upper body machines and did 4 sets of 5 reps instead of just 20 in a row. It's so weird how you can be extremely tired from one machine, but then the next machine you're perfect fine cause it's using different arm muscles.

Anyway, short and simple post but going to try and keep it up.

In other news we bought a electric fondue pot, and chocolate mix and cheeses. So tomorrow is going to be cheese fondue followed by chocolate fondue. I know very different strain from the gym, but it's valentines day... not that we wouldn't do that dinner any other day of the year.

TL Sc2 Open #13

Today I played in the Team Liquid Sc2 Open #13.

The first game was vs a diamond protoss and I ended up winning. I scouted a 4 gate early on (picture below) so I canceled my natural expansion and planted down 4 spine crawlers and pumped out lings. I'm not sure if this is a good response or not? I'll have to ask some master league players that I know.

When he came to attack he didn't plant a proxy pylon, poked into my natural, saw that there was nothing there and pulled back. Since I probably overmade lings at that point I decided to just follow and trap his army. This worked very well and I killed off what he had outside of his base. I began roach production and took down his natural rocks and also killed his natural nexus. Soon after he pushed with his whole army and void rays but I just had too much.


The second game was vs a master level protoss and didn't go so well. The main mistake I made was accidentally right clicking on a gas when I had my hatchery selected. This meant that all of my drone production was going right to my gas geyser as you can see in the first picture. This took a LONG time to find and correct. I kept going "Why are there guys mining gas again???". This slowed me down a whole bunch.

The opponent pushed with a stalker and zealot and while I held it off, I lost some lings needlessly due to a waypoint mishap and also never canceled my expansion hatchery costing me a lot of money. I also planted the hatchery at about 25, way too late.

When he pushed finally he had 3 void rays, I had 3 queens and a bunch of roaches. I crushed his ground army with the roaches and spine crawlers due to him focus firing my queens down. So end the end I had about 5 roaches and he had 3 void rays killing them. I had no queens and decided to gg instead of dragging it out.

 All in all a good tournament for me, excited for the next one and very happy with how I did (even with the darn mistakes of the second game).

First real workout

Today we went to the gym (on a Saturday!!! WTF???) and had our first "real" workout. The past two times I just used the bikes and that was it. Barely even broke a sweat actually. This time I used the elliptical for 20 minutes which actually had me completely worn out. After that I did 20 reps on one upper body machine, and 20 on another.

The doctor recently told me I should try to strengthen my upper body and shoulders so we'll see how that goes. Also quickly seeing that we really need to come in the morning with like an hour of time, so maybe the weekend + two days a week (for like 45 minutes) is the best route. We'll just have to see.

Either way today felt good and I got some upper body work in. Now time for a shower. Today I'm going to play in the TL Open (with bo1 rounds though it won't take very long) and then we're going to go buy some groceries and a fondue pot.

Two Ladder Wins and a Custom Loss

So tonight I had one custom game and 2 ladder games.

On the custom game I played a terran player from the NE Sc2 League. My macro was all over the place (first game of the night and was nervous) so I didn't play very well. He said he was going to go 2 rax and instead ended up not doing anything till his big push later on with marines, tanks, and a lot of thors. By that point I probably should have had broods or ultras to help out but I didn't and he crushed me.

On the first ladder game I played a terran on meta. I played like complete crap but despite the terran's diamond league status so did he. He tried to go crazy banshee in the beginning. He did some damage until I got my group of 5 queens and a overseer up. Then he couldn't do any more damage to me. My macro was so bad I never really recovered from that damage and made drones again, so my income was really bad most of the game. I ended up making roaches and mutas and eventually he pushed with 6-7 banshees plus like 15 marines...

I was amazed that was all he had, figured it was just a tiny push. I crushed it and he quit... :)

The last game was a 48 minutes game. Was a normal ZvT for a while. I tried to keep my macro up and think I succeeded. He eventually pushed with helions and tanks and I had enough roaches to hold it off. I decided to upgrade FAST so got 3/3 roaches before I had to do any more poking. I got broodlords and basically tried to keep him to 3 bases with the roaches and broodlords. After I took his first third he started building planetaries so eventually he got other bases up and it would just be a constant battle of me out producing him but then losing my army trying to wipe him out, over and over again. I tried to be smart about attacking but eventually just had to and I think I came out ahead most of the time. Never attacked without resources and larva ready and stuff like that. Eventually he got a ton of vikings to counter the broods and I crushed him by refilling to 200 with only roaches. I kept bases mining the whole game and felt like I deserved it. I think the game would have been 25-30 minutes if planetary fortresses didn't exist. Next time this happens I need to get Ultras out by the end. I was at 3/3 for melee too so they would have been great.

Unfortunately I'm getting a splitting headache so that's all I'm going to play tonight.