First real workout

Today we went to the gym (on a Saturday!!! WTF???) and had our first "real" workout. The past two times I just used the bikes and that was it. Barely even broke a sweat actually. This time I used the elliptical for 20 minutes which actually had me completely worn out. After that I did 20 reps on one upper body machine, and 20 on another.

The doctor recently told me I should try to strengthen my upper body and shoulders so we'll see how that goes. Also quickly seeing that we really need to come in the morning with like an hour of time, so maybe the weekend + two days a week (for like 45 minutes) is the best route. We'll just have to see.

Either way today felt good and I got some upper body work in. Now time for a shower. Today I'm going to play in the TL Open (with bo1 rounds though it won't take very long) and then we're going to go buy some groceries and a fondue pot.