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NE Sc2 Season 2 Tournament 3

Today I played in the 3rd tournement of the second season of the New England Sc2 League. I won my first match and then lost two in a row. Standard operating procedure pretty much. The game I won was a close fight against someone that was equal to me as far as rank goes. That felt like a nice win. After that the other two games were vs people that are ranked way higher than me so it makes sense. The best part was that I got to debut my keyboard bag! My mom made this bag out of fabric that I made via Fabric on Demand. It’s made to only carry my full size Filco keyboard along with my mouse, headset and mousepad. It works perfect and looks amazing!

Starting to play again

So I’ve finally started playing again in preperation for the NE Sc2 Tourney this saturday. I havn’t been playing recently due to anger. I didn’t like how mad I got when playing. I’ve done many things to try and help this and I think I might have found something that works. Feel free to email me if you want any more info about that.

Using CanCan in an engine and your app

My current project involved an auth gem (internal) that provides user management into every app that it’s included into. I want this engine to be able to define some cancan rules since it determines the current_user and should allow some users to edit more than others when it comes to users, their roles, and the services they can access.

Customizing Work Keyboard

I got my Geekhack keys today and installed them tonight on my work (tenkeyless) and sc2 keyboards.

Custom Keyboard Keys

Tonight I installed my custom keys that I ordered from Geekhack.