Customizing Work Keyboard

I got my Geekhack keys today and installed them tonight on my work (tenkeyless) and sc2 keyboards.

Custom Sc2 Keys Custom Keyboard Keys Empty Keyboard Added stablizer keys Main Keyboard Work Keyboard Both Keyboards

I started with placing the orange geekhack key, orange space and orange esc key on the keyboard. I also placed four sc2 race keys as F5-F8 for fun and to match my sc2 keyboard. The other cool thing I ordered was command keys (since I use Macs for work). My mod keys are all accuratly labeled (from left to right: Control, Meta, Command, Space, Command, Meta, Super, Control) with Caps Lock being labeled a control as well. I LOVE IT. I’m very please. I might put some blue or orange keys on the keyboard as well but I haven’t quite decided.

For now I’m just loving the fact that my keyboard has my Caps Lock :arrow_right: Control key and all mod keys correctly labeled. I’m really using a meta key no!w