Custom Keyboard Keys

Tonight I installed my custom keys that I ordered from Geekhack.

Custom Sc2 Keys Custom Keyboard Keys Empty Keyboard Added stablizer keys Main Keyboard Work Keyboard Both Keyboards

I had no trouble installing the keys. I used some small bits of plastic bags under the white stabalizer pieces in any that felt lose and this seems to have worked wonders. I will be posting about my work keyboard (the tenkeyless) in my programming blog tomorrow. For now I’ll just look at my Sc2 keyboard.

I used two geekhack keys as well as my awesome key for numlock and the 4 race keys for F5-F8. None of these have anything to do with starcraft. I also used two zerg mod keys as my windows keys. Other mod keys remain what they really are. The starcraft parts come from the fact that I used orange to represent all control group keys and blue to represent view location keys (Plus space which I use for town hall camera so it’s close). This gives a great look that’s accurate to what I use the keys for. I also used the non-nubbed F and J but nubbed the orange (G) key which I use for my main unit producing buildings. This helps me find it.

Clearly I can not wait to use this for sc2! Time to start playing again for sure.