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My friend and I wanted to prepare to see Scream VI in a few days so I subscribed to Paramount+ in order to watch thr rest of the series. We watched Scream tonight in order to be prepared for the next installment.

Blow Out

I’ve made a bunch of orders from The Criterion Collection recently and I went a little overboard with one order. I ordered a bunch of movies I’ve never seen just based on them having 4k UHD Criterion releases. One of those was Brian De Palma’s Blow Out.

Jodorowsky's Dune

After seeing El Topo recently as part of the Frida After Dark series I bought most of his films on Blu-ray. I haven’t watched the films yet but I did watch this documentary about his film that was never produced.

The Outwaters

I recently joined the film club at my local Frida Cinema and I would like to start blogging my experiences at seeing different movies. Last night I was The Outwaters so might as well start!

Learning C++

Recently I’ve started brushing up on C++. I haven’t programmed in it seriously since college. After enlisting the helpt of local C++ experts I found the following books to use.