Learning C++

Recently I’ve started brushing up on C++. I haven’t programmed in it seriously since college. After enlisting the helpt of local C++ experts I found the following books to use.

A Tour of C++

Written by the author of C++ this book gives a brief intro to all of the features of C++ and most of it’s standard library. As a starting point it was a big help getting my feet wet. After an initial read through I returned it to the library in favor of the Primer down below.

Effective C++

This book is a great guide on some of the best practices for the language. It’s the main book I used after speeding through the tour book above. It’s a fun read and every tip is extremely practical.

Effective Modern C++

This book is similar to the last one except it spefically targets new C++/11 and C++/14 features.

C++ Primer

This is the book I’m using as a reference. When reading through the effective books if I don’t understand a specific library funtion or syntax I pull this out.