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Bye bye Lowes, Hello Home Depot!

So today in preperation for the hurricane I wanted to buy a new flashlight. When I went to Lowes the salesguy laughed at me and said “A bit late buddy huh?”…

LoL Rune ideas

Here are a few rune builds that I’m looking forward to trying.

Huk to EG and LoL Prize Money

After listening to this weeks shows I feel the need to express MY pointless opinion on the interwebs so…

League of Legends

I’ve started to try this game. Honestly I love the graphics and a lot of friends play this game (even though original DotA or HoN are probably the better games). Last night I decided to buy the digital collectors pack since it feels like a good deal, comes with the special annie skin, and includes basically every hero I wanted to try. I someone own Corki (no idea how), I also own Tristana (don’t know why, assuming the recent facebook promotion gave me the hero + skin?). After buying the collectors pack I also picked up Ashe (seems like a good one to have) and Nunu (cheap!) via IP points and Kennen (he was on sale and cute) via left over RP. I still have 1.9k RP left over for more skins later on!

Masters 3v3!

I played a ton of team games tonight. A bunch of different 2v2,3v3 and 4v4 games got played and I ended up with a diamond 4v4 team and a masters 3v3 team! SO AWESOME! This makes me really happy. During season one I didn’t get past platinum in teams (I think). This is working out much better!