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Ruby Language Presentation

Today I’m giving a tiny informal talk to co-workers about ruby. You can find the source for my slides on github.

First half of the Blizzcon Trip: Five Car Stud and San Diego

So we’re in Anaheim now, ready to begin the 2nd part of our trip. We landed in CA on Saturday and immediately went out to the Los Angelos County Museum of Art. The idea was to see the Burton exhibit which was pretty cool. I had no idea that he did his own art (which is just being naive) but they had a LOT of it. I had to admit that my favorite part was the room that had the catwomen suit, the edward scissorhands suit, the batman hats and the penguin baby carriage but that’s because it was a room that was all about the movies I loved.


So tomorrow morning I wake up at 4am to head over to BLIZZCON. We are going from tomorrow until the Monday after the con. The current plan is:

Tiny bits that I took away from Mongo Boston

So I attended Mongo Boston on Oct 3rd. It was a pretty great time. My favorite talk was Cowboy-coding by Aaron White. While not an indepth talk about Mongo it had a great feel to it, and made you really excited to make applications… which is why I like web development.

Phone Result

So I ended up buying a new iPhone 4s on the apple website.