Tiny bits that I took away from Mongo Boston

So I attended Mongo Boston on Oct 3rd. It was a pretty great time. My favorite talk was Cowboy-coding by Aaron White. While not an indepth talk about Mongo it had a great feel to it, and made you really excited to make applications… which is why I like web development.

I basically took away a couple of things from these talks.

  • Denormalizing is OK! I forget this a lot. Don’t be afraid to denormalize in Mongo when it speeds things up. When you can cut out a database query by putting a piece of data in a joined document AND the main document do it!
  • Covered indexes: are cool. Read up about them.
  • While you don’t have full transactions, many things can be done atomically with Mongo’s fancy update commands.
  • Schema is wicked important… change it when you need to and spend a lot of time on it at the beginning!