First half of the Blizzcon Trip: Five Car Stud and San Diego

So we’re in Anaheim now, ready to begin the 2nd part of our trip. We landed in CA on Saturday and immediately went out to the Los Angelos County Museum of Art. The idea was to see the Burton exhibit which was pretty cool. I had no idea that he did his own art (which is just being naive) but they had a LOT of it. I had to admit that my favorite part was the room that had the catwomen suit, the edward scissorhands suit, the batman hats and the penguin baby carriage but that’s because it was a room that was all about the movies I loved.

The best part of this art musuem however was definitely “Five Car Stud”. If you are in CA please go see this before it leaves in January. Absolutely amazing piece that blew me away. I was not prepared for something so amazing on Saturday. Please go see it.

After this we drove down to San Diego. On Sunday we checked out San Diego (the Gaslamp district and the seaport village). On Monday we hit the zoo. Today we checked out San Clemente on the way back to Anaheim. San Diego is amazing in that there is NO TRAFFIC it would seem. LA has plenty (as we found on Saturday night going to San Diego) but we found none since getting to San Diego. It was a great couple of days. That zoo is too big for one day, so we saw what we could before getting too tired. We also saw Horrible Bosses on Sunday while wandering around. I enjoyed it (as I knew I would).

Everywhere that we ate was pretty good. I’ll be making another blog post later detailing all of the places we ate while here :smile:. We are mainly using Yelp to find places and so far it’s been great. We also used Priceline to find a hotel in San Diego and it worked out great!