Phone Result

So I ended up buying a new iPhone 4s on the apple website.

I couldn’t see myself paying upwards of $300-$450 for an iphone 4 (buying one completely new out of contract on ebay or through AT&T etc). That just didn’t make sense.

What I would LOVE to do is buy a new phone completely out of contract so I wouldn’t have to renew but then the cost becomes $500-600 for any new phone (iPhone or not). This is just ridiculous. I feel like I’m avoiding contract troubles by paying more money to the people I want to be avoiding anyway.

So in the end, I do the only logical thing… which is exactly what all of these contracts and pricing structures are setup to do. I buy the newest phone, out of contract which also RENEWS my contract screwing me for when the iPhone 5 comes out.

So it seems like until our government wakes up and starts instating laws that actually help people (not likely) AT&T will keep winning while providing shitty service.

Edit: I also looked into canceling AT&T and switching to another carrier but with my wife and I on a family plan that involves paying TWO canceling fees and stuff like that. It doesn’t work out financially.