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Murmur Virtual Servers

I’ve been running my own mumble server for a while. I installed the ubuntu mumble-server packages and it’s been completely stable ever since. Recently however I needed to setup a second murmur server. Murmur comes with this ability built it but it’s not available via the config file. The config file only sets up default configuration. To actually setup a second server you need to interface with the murmur server via dbus (deprecated) or ice.

CSS Grid Systems

I spend a lot of time the past few days looking into CSS grid systems. My main reason for this was being sick of laying out things myself. There’s so much you have to do and be careful of when laying out css and due to this I often ended up absolutely positioning way too many things. I also was not very careful about clearfixing which leads to problems in many designs. I want layout to be a bit easier which means learning one of these systems.

MLG 2011 National Championships at Providence, RI

I had a great time this weekend. I want to air my one complaint first. If you follow my twitter it’s obvious that I was very mad at the seating situation. While playing in the tournament (Friday and Sat morning) I had a blast. Fun booths, playing sc2, seeing pros, getting photos, seeing friends. The even is great. After getting knocked out on Sat we left pretty quickly. I couldn’t see a reason to stay. I can watch the Ultra stream on my big screen at home and be able to sit. Once the tourney was over the chance to randomly see pros and friends drops dramatically since everyone isn’t walking around as much.

Javadoc in Emacs

I recently wanted an easier way to look up Java class documentation from Emacs and found this project: Javadoc-Help

Git Home Directory

I’m installing some dev stuff onto my windows box and finally want to document how to get a new home directory installed: