Murmur Virtual Servers

I’ve been running my own mumble server for a while. I installed the ubuntu mumble-server packages and it’s been completely stable ever since. Recently however I needed to setup a second murmur server. Murmur comes with this ability built it but it’s not available via the config file. The config file only sets up default configuration. To actually setup a second server you need to interface with the murmur server via dbus (deprecated) or ice.

One of the ways to interface is to use a php admin system. If I was actually hosting mumble servers I would clearly want to go this route. I don’t however. I had no luck getting ANY (I tried 3) of the php interfaces to work. Either ice library trouble or just random errors messages precented my from getting anything remotely working.

Finally someone on the #mumble irc channel suggested I try the command line python client listed on the wiki. Mice was the one I saw first and seemed really simple. You put the script in the same directory as the file (On my ubuntu system this was /usr/share/slice/ and then just import it. I installed python-zeroc-ice and ipython using aptitude and then did the following to create my server:

import mice

# Show an array of all servers

# Create a new server

# Grab the new server object (for me this was server 2)
s2 = mice.m.getServer(2)

# You can check the default configuration

# Then set the config you need (port is one higher than default which my server 1 was running on)
s2.setConf('registername','Base Channel Name')
s2.setConf('welcometext','<br />Welcome to my new channel!<br />')

# Start it up!