Javadoc in Emacs

I recently wanted an easier way to look up Java class documentation from Emacs and found this project: Javadoc-Help

Works great. You add localtions (local or remote) with generated Javadoc and then this code will open up the page in your browser.

Installation was easy. I added the one .el file to my .emacs.d/lisp directory and then added the following lines:

;; Javadoc Help
(autoload 'javadoc-lookup       "javadoc-help" "Look up Java class in Javadoc."   t)
(autoload 'javadoc-help         "javadoc-help" "Open up the Javadoc-help menu."   t)
(autoload 'javadoc-set-predefined-urls  "javadoc-help" "Set pre-defined urls."    t)
(global-set-key [f8] 'javadoc-lookup)
(global-set-key [(shift f8)] 'javadoc-help)

This way I can use F8 (which is currently the Starcraft II random dice icon!) to look up Javadoc classes or go to the interface to add more locations. Perfect!