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Hafu retweeted and responded to my shirt post!

Yesterday I posted a picture of me, Kerrigan and my new Hafu shirt.

First night of the new Hearthstone Beta Season 2

Today was the first day of the new Hearthstone beta season.

Work Assessment and Goals for 2014

I had my annual assessment today. Nothing came as much of a surprise since my boss and I constantly chat. Due to this I know very accurately where I stand most of the time (not just at the review). My two main points of improvement at this point is documentation and negativity.

My Favorite Twitch Streamers

I watch a lot of twitch.tv. This makes sense due to my employer having 3+ games in the top ten at any given moment. I wanted to take a post and point out my favorite streamers and why I like their streams so much. I am going to break this down by game but currently I’m watching more Hearthstone than anything else.

Journals and Accessories

I’m REALLY good at buying things, so when I made the decision to try an analog journal for daily notes I got immediately excited about buying both the journal and accessories for it!