First night of the new Hearthstone Beta Season 2

Today was the first day of the new Hearthstone beta season.


I started by playing some constructed. The games went pretty easy and I used my main aggro warlock deck for all of the games. I haven’t lost a game yet and currently sitting at rank 21. I want to go slow however since all of the former Legendary players are rank 17ish… don’t want to rush and just start losing all night!

I’m eager to see what happens however. Are the pros going to get to Legendary quickly? Are some of them going to stall out at lower ranks due to the amount of people in the game? Either way I’m very excited for the ranked/season rewards to be implemented… hopefully soon!


After those few constructed games to complete my quests I moved onto an arena run. I choose Druid and got a pretty good deck. I think I had 5 Druid of the Claws which is pretty fun.

The run went 5-3 which for me is very good. Rewards were a pack, 60 dust and 50 gold.

The games I lost I think I did due to not being efficient enough with my cards. The last game was the most annoying since I had to drop out very early. It was against a warlock and I had a few early mistakes that definitely slowed me down enough to lose :frowning:

At this point it’s already 10 so I’m going to head to read and bed (with some Bullet Journal day-planning as well!)