Journals and Accessories

I’m REALLY good at buying things, so when I made the decision to try an analog journal for daily notes I got immediately excited about buying both the journal and accessories for it!


I settled on a large Moleskin squared hardcover which looks like this:

Large Moleskin Journal Large Moleskin Journal Inside

Since I’m so good at buying things I also bought a large hardcover plain paper journal (as a sketchbook) and a Hobbit theme’d ruled journal just because it looked awesome. It also features some pictures from the original illustrations in the front. Here’s the hobbit version:

Hobbit Moleskin Journal Hobbit Moleskin Journal Inside


For my pen I choose a Uni-ball Jetstream RT 0.7mm which I picked after reading a great blog post about the best pens. Here is one of mine:

Uni-ball Jetstream RT 0.7mm

Pen Holder

I was first interested in the Quiver series. After more looking I found a much cooler, cheaper alternative on Etsy! I ordered a orange, double pen holder for this Etsy artist. I can’t wait to get it!

Pen Holder from Etsy


If I’m going to be carrying a journal I’ll need to start carrying a bag with me again. I’m going to try and find my lain messenger bag that I got YEARS ago at an anime convention:

Lain Bag

If I can’t find that I’ll probably buy another cool geeky bag somewhere.


I also just ordered some 3”x3” origami paper to use with this pattern in order to make colored corner bookmarks. This should help find special pages in the journal (in addition to the normal moleskin ribbon bookmark to the current date.) I might also try some other patterns.