Unpleasant Guitar Center in Framingham

So I’ve been meaning to do three things for my music creation.

  • Buy monitor speakers
  • Upgrade to Logic 9
  • Upgrade Zendrum

I realized on Sunday that I had two guitar center coupons (from the mail) that I wanted to use. One was for $50.00 off of a purchase of $400.00 or more. The second was 15% off of a midi interface. Now I figured I wouldn’t be able to use both together, but I might as well try right?

I went it and picked up a pair of KRK Rockit 6’s (I had generation 1 rockit 5’s a long time ago and liked them even though they did eventually die on me). The store guy of course told me how I couldn’t get 15% off of the midi interface I wanted to buy and I was ok with that. I just want to point out that if coupons are able to be used on two separate purchases, you should be able to use them together. Anyway this just meant that I would not be buying the midi interface from Guitar Center so overall their loss.

Moving back to the main complaints. This sales guy tries to sell me on their replacement program of course. For $20.00 a speaker I can get my money back if something breaks in the next 2 years. These speakers have a warranty of 3 years from KRK and I don’t travel with them or anything so I told him I don’t need it. A little push back but whatever. After this he went through the process of checking Caitlin’s license (we were putting it on her card) and swiping her card. He also got my email and stuff like that. It took a while.

After this he said he had to get this approved… and walked away. We were spending a total of $371.00, not quite a large amount. I could spend multiple times this at a best buy without needing approval but whatever. He comes back with an older salesman.

This older dude then said (after looking at my account on their screen) “You don’t want your money back?”. After I said “what?” he repeated himself so I said “What money?”. He then tried to sell me AGAIN on the replacement program. I told him how I already said I didn’t want it. He then kept pushing and talking about how it’s not a scam. I’m sorry but I know that Guitar Center doesn’t give a shit about me. If the replacement program costs $20.00 a speaker it means that they make money at $20.00 a speaker on it.

Anyway, this took a while to explain to him that I already said I didn’t want it, and I meant it. After this had asked to check MY license (after saying that it’s not my card) AND Caitlin’s license and card AGAIN.

Come on, in this day and age you need to make me want to travel out to your store instead of buying things online. This experience (while not horrible in any way) doesn’t make me want to go back to this store at all.