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2014 Mystery Hunt Recap

This was without a doubt, the best mystery hunt I’ve been to year. I wasn’t able to attend the mystery hunt for the past two years and due to this I’m not only seeing improvements that were made over the past year, but improvements that have been made prior as well.

MiT Mystery Hunt

For many years while living in Boston (and even a couple from UMass) I participated in the MiT Mystery Hunt. I wasn’t able to go the past two years (2012 was right after we moved to CA, and 2013 was also a busy time at work). This year I can finally make my return to my team: Grand Unified Theory of Love.

First half of the Blizzcon Trip: Five Car Stud and San Diego

So we’re in Anaheim now, ready to begin the 2nd part of our trip. We landed in CA on Saturday and immediately went out to the Los Angelos County Museum of Art. The idea was to see the Burton exhibit which was pretty cool. I had no idea that he did his own art (which is just being naive) but they had a LOT of it. I had to admit that my favorite part was the room that had the catwomen suit, the edward scissorhands suit, the batman hats and the penguin baby carriage but that’s because it was a room that was all about the movies I loved.


So tomorrow morning I wake up at 4am to head over to BLIZZCON. We are going from tomorrow until the Monday after the con. The current plan is: