MiT Mystery Hunt

For many years while living in Boston (and even a couple from UMass) I participated in the MiT Mystery Hunt. I wasn’t able to go the past two years (2012 was right after we moved to CA, and 2013 was also a busy time at work). This year I can finally make my return to my team: Grand Unified Theory of Love.

The team was founded by a good friend of mine (he was my best man at my wedding!) so all of the people that go generally know him. The hunt is going to be a great way for me to see a bunch of people in a really efficient time frame.

I leave early Thursday morning. I will arrive around 4:30pm so I will be able to participate in the dinner that the team holds that night. Friday we will go to MiT between 9-10am in order to setup. The hunt officially starts at noon. It will end (normally) sometime Saturday or Sunday. I leave Sunday evening and will land back in CA around 10pm.

The hunt has been student run since it’s inception and has grown to be a huge event. The hunt always has a theme and ends with a physical run around campus to try and find the “coin”. Our team is not that competitive so we never actually do this end run-around. We mainly just focus on solving as many of the puzzles as we can. The team has steadily improved for a number of years so I’m really excited to rejoin!

Puzzles involve everything! Random archaic knowledge, pop-culture stuff, programming puzzles, physical events, music/sound related and even knitting all have a chance of showing up so it really does involve a full team of geeks in order to pull out a lot of correct answers.

My team prepares some easy practice puzzles and I haven’t been able to do them yet. I feel like a slacker. I might try and look at them tomorrow :frowning:

Regardless I can’t wait to start!