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Leading With Empathy

I’m finding that leaders don’t always lead with empathy. To start, here is the definition of empathy that I’m using:

Home Directory Cleanup

I started looking into organizing my .zshrc which ended up taking me down a rabbit hole of crazy projects and dotfile repos. The result is the fact that I definitely want to redo my config repo. Here are my goals:

ZSH Prompt

Today I got my main zsh setup going. I made a new .zshrc based on many of the modules in Prezto.


I’m going to try out ZSH again. I do feel like my bash config is getting a big slow and I want to see if zsh can improve that. I’m also really interested in learning how to use the directory expansion feature as well.

The Docker Train

I’m fully on board the docker train. I spent most of today moving one of my work apps into a docker development environment. The docker compose file consist of 4 containers. One for nginx (our proxy). One for our app. One container for redis and one container for redis-commander which is a redis debuging/inspection tool.