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Twilight Imperium

Today I finally got to play Twilight Imperium for the third time. We only ended up with 4 players so I definitely want to play some more. We also had some expansion stuff mixed in and I’m actually very interested in playing the 6 player game with only the base rules / cards / races. Will probably end up buying my own copy at some point to make that happen.


Switching from rbenv (and ruby-build) to chruby (and ruby-install). There isn’t a huge reason for the change other than I like their simplicity and want to try out something new!

Javascript Documentation

Recently I started a (low-key) open source project to take javascript projects and build documentation homepages out of them.


My wife got me using a new site to keep track of habbits, daily tasks and todos: Habitica

Ideas for side projects

I wanted to jot down my ideas for projects that I could work on.