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Nxml for ERB

Being unsatisfied with most erb solutions in Emacs I’ve been using nxml-mode for editing erb and just dealing with it complaining about erb sections. I love nxml-mode for xml/html in general and don’t like doing any editing without it.

I’ve tried using MMM or MoMaMu or whatever it’s called that’s included with nxhtml mode and it just doesn’t do it for me. YA-Snippet with Nxml mode is plenty for me.

Recently I found a blog post that makes sense to try out: More Valid Than You

Since I compiled Emacs custom for Mac OS X (If I haven’t blogged about that I need to!) it was easy to apply that patch to my source tree and compile it.

This at least makes Nxml-mode not hi-light every erb section as invalid. It still chokes sometimes but it’s much better. If I move to anything else I’ll blog about it :)

The Franklin Kite: Explosions and Batteries

Last night I went to the CD release party for a co-workers band: The Franklin Kite. Their new EP “Explosions and Batteries” is available on iTunes (search “The Franklin Kite”) and Amazon for those that are interested.

Explosions and Batteries

My co-worker asked me to help record some drum parts on my Zendrum and of course I couldn’t say no. I loved their first EP a lot and was excited to be able to do some music again. I played one of the 3(?) drum tracks in Antoinette and provided the drums from around 2:26 till the end on Pilot. The main reason he asked someone to come in and play is that he wanted some fills on the end of Pilot. The result was pretty awesome. The parts have been edited, I just slammed on my Zendrum for a while and John edited out some bad spots and did some arranging of the parts. I was really happy with the results. Seeing the concert last night definitely makes me want to record some songs this weekend!

Overall I’m very glad I got to be a part of this EP since I’m a big fan of the music. I’m enjoying every song on it and can’t wait to hear what these guys come up with next!

Git Push Defaults

Recently I’ve began working locally on my macbook and have installed git 1.6 from the binary package. I haven’t noticed anything different from my work servers (v1.5) and my new 1.6 locally except for push defaults. Git likes showing this huge warning about how you can change the way push works now. It does the same thing as it has done previously, just with a giant message about how you can change it if you want.

I found more information about this here: git config push.default matching

After reading that helpful post I decided to set my git config globally:

git config --global push.default tracking

If anyone knows more about this stuff I’d love to hear opinions about tracking vs current. Basically I’ve pushed things I haven’t wanted to push yet with the default “matching” option. I like most git operations to only function on my current branch (especially when dealing with pushing). Current seems to provide that but it will push the current branch to “a branch of the same name” according to the man page of git-config. Tracking says it pushes the current branch “to its upstream branch” which seems more correct to me since I might have tracking branches with different names. I’m hoping that git will complain if I call git push with no arguments on a branch that isn’t tracking a remote branch.

They Might Be Giants

So I saw my first TMBG show tonight and I really liked it. I can see why so many of my friends (all through my life) have liked this band. Before today I didn’t even own an album. Turns out tonight’s show was one where they were going to play the entire Flood album in order. This made me buy that album and listen to it all day. It’s a pretty amazing piece of artistry.

The two bad things about this show? The lights and sound quality. They had these BRIGHT AND BIG white lights they kept shining on the crowd. The Berklee Performance Center is DARK. VERY VERY DARK. Shining lights in our eyes like that just hurts. They did it a lot… a whole lot. Anyway past that the sound quality was awful. Glad I listened to the Flood album ALL DAY cause I would have not heard ANY lyrics otherwise.

Back to the music, the whole album was great. They had an amazing trumpet player with them. They were fun, the double encores was fun and they played great. I definitely would see them again :)

Apache and SSL

I’m going to be moving my mail to my linode soon (basically want to stop using GMail for most things) and in the process I’m learning about setting up webmail. To do this properly I did want to get my apache set up using a self-signed certificate. Clearly I don’t need my personal server to be signed by a CA since it’s only for me, I just don’t want people sniffing packets.

I used the following two links to do this. The guide is great and worked flawlessly for me!