Nxml for ERB

Being unsatisfied with most erb solutions in Emacs I’ve been using nxml-mode for editing erb and just dealing with it complaining about erb sections. I love nxml-mode for xml/html in general and don’t like doing any editing without it.

I’ve tried using MMM or MoMaMu or whatever it’s called that’s included with nxhtml mode and it just doesn’t do it for me. YA-Snippet with Nxml mode is plenty for me.

Recently I found a blog post that makes sense to try out: More Valid Than You

Since I compiled Emacs custom for Mac OS X (If I haven’t blogged about that I need to!) it was easy to apply that patch to my source tree and compile it.

This at least makes Nxml-mode not hi-light every erb section as invalid. It still chokes sometimes but it’s much better. If I move to anything else I’ll blog about it :)