They Might Be Giants

So I saw my first TMBG show tonight and I really liked it. I can see why so many of my friends (all through my life) have liked this band. Before today I didn’t even own an album. Turns out tonight’s show was one where they were going to play the entire Flood album in order. This made me buy that album and listen to it all day. It’s a pretty amazing piece of artistry.

The two bad things about this show? The lights and sound quality. They had these BRIGHT AND BIG white lights they kept shining on the crowd. The Berklee Performance Center is DARK. VERY VERY DARK. Shining lights in our eyes like that just hurts. They did it a lot… a whole lot. Anyway past that the sound quality was awful. Glad I listened to the Flood album ALL DAY cause I would have not heard ANY lyrics otherwise.

Back to the music, the whole album was great. They had an amazing trumpet player with them. They were fun, the double encores was fun and they played great. I definitely would see them again :)