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Loading rake tasks from a gem in Rails 3


I think I want to create a gem that helps with minifying js and css. This link will prove useful!


Havn't gotten enough time to really practice anything recently. I've been playing lots of team games which is probably making my 1v1 worse. I'm also playing the ESEA matches but with no 1v1 practice it really doesn't help.

I get really furious when I lose 1v1 so I've been avoiding it... which is a problem since I don't get any better. Going to have to try and solve this at some point but not yet.

New Keyboard

A while ago (before this blog) I decided I was going to spend good money on my equipment to play Starcraft II. I ended up buying a Filco keyboard since that's what the general consensus was as far as good keyboards at the time. Fruitdealer was seen with a Filco at one point and I think that sparked a insurgance in purchasing them. At the time the only american distributer was Elite Keyboards. Unfortunately by the time I was shopping Elite had sold out of their Filco's and weren't planning on restocking. Filco had become really slow with orders (probably due to the influx of customers that Starcraft II brought). I ended up buying a Filco 104 key NKRO keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches (tactile action) from the geekhack.org classifieds. If anyone is looking for rare finds or just for more info about good keyboards, that is the BEST place. Their wiki is FULL of info about the keyboards, about buying keyboards, about how switches work, etc.

Since then a couple of things have happened. Elite is going to start selling Leopold keyboards. This is another Cherry MX mechanical keyboard and just like the Filcos, can be bought in black, brown or blue switches (for more info here check out geekhack.org). Right now they have some tenkeyless boards on the site but not quite for sale. Check back often because the price on these boards are very good!

For myself after seeing some tenkeyless boards at the NE Sc2 tournaments I decided that I wanted to get a tenkeyless to go with my 104 key board. Of course I wanted this to be a Filco so that they matched as much as possible. Unfortunately a tenkeyless brown Filco didn't appear on geekhack during this time. The Keyboard Co was also out of stock of brown switch (but not blue and black) Filco's. Luckily just recently the keyboard company is distributing to the US market via Amazon! This is great news since currently that's the easiest way to get a Filco keyboard is through that Amazon page. You can even get Prime shipping if you are a prime member! I immediately ordered a tenkeyless brown Filco from amazon last night! Right after I ordered many assecories (Blue WASD set, Red Esc key set, Medium sized roof and blank windows keys) so that the keyboard would match my full size perfectly. I can't wait to get it!

For my mouse I use a Steelseries Xai. I love this mouse. It's a completely normal design (not too many buttons or anything) and feels great in my hand. I use one of their mouse pads as well and the mouse feels amazing on it. This mouse allows you to customize the DPI to whatever you want. Currently I think I'm using 1600 to be able to cross my 1920 monitor in a little over an inch on the pad. This allows you to set your windows and starcraft sensitivity to 6/11 and 51% respectively and just use the mouse settings to control the rate of movement. The mouse feels great and stores the settings on the mouse itself so when I goto a lan I just have to make sure that the windows settings are back to normal (and the same thing in Starcraft).

So I really like my setup and can't wait to try out the tenkeyless as well! Go Filcos!

MBTA Fails Again

So after the horrendous delays we experienced on Monday the MBTA passed out these forms apologizing and saying that we can immediately get a refund for both Monday trips by filling out this form. The form stated that every customer can get a max of 2 refunds (inbound and outbound) and had a spot to fill in your monthly pass number, zone and how much you were getting back. We got this form Tuesday evening when coming home. On Wednesday morning another conductor tried to give us these forms and we told him that we got it last night, and he said "Ok" and moved on.

Fast forward to today. My wife and I filled out our forms saying Zone 5 and $12.50 each (each way is $6.25). When we got up to the ticket window the lady rudely asked why we filled out $12.50. We told her that we were delayed on the inbound and outbound and she then told us we needed two forms, not just one and that the conductor should have giving us two. We told her that he didn't and that the forms says we're allowed two and she just says "Not without two forms". Another employee came over to tell us the same thing.

Are you serious? Clearly communication is awful since the conductor didn't know, or didn't tell us this. Now tomorrow morning we need to ask for another form and see if the conductor still has it. This "bonus" is already a bit weird since you can apply for a refund everytime your train is 30 minutes late online. The only difference this time is the immediate money instead of waiting 4-6 weeks to get your spare ticket that you have to then bring to the counter to get a refund for. This is better but it's not like the MBTA is out any more money than they would be anyway without this apology. On top of that they make it very hard to get both refunds by requiring two forms even though the conductor doesn't know that AND the form doesn't say?

I wouldn't mind as much if other cities didn't have awesome transit systems. It's a solved problem guys. Improve service and stop acting like your customers are the enemy and maybe you'll see increased ridership?


First ESEA Win!

Our team finally won a round in ESEA last night. We went 3-2 in total after the ace match. I got paired with a diamond Zerg and actually took him out 2-0 is two of the closest games I've ever played.

The first game we BOTH went with EGMachine's ZvZ build. The first agression happened near my base while I sent 4 banelings into his. Luckily my banelings did some damage while I was able to move my drones out of the way. I managed to kill two of his banelings with my zerglings (safely) and then got the other two via my queen. I put up two spine crawlers and decided to keep at it with the lings. At one point we both attacked each other at the same time, but I feel my superior building placement, two spines and queen helped keep me a live with about 5 drones while I managed to kill ALL of his drones. After we had some ling fights and I came out on top he gg'd.

The second game I started with the same build, but he ended up coming at me with ALL of his drones and 6 lings right when I started my lings. He only planted one spine in my creep and I attacked with all of my drones trying to keep them away from his lings and backing off when he did (waiting for my lings to pop). Eventually my lings popped and I ended the fight with 2 lings and about 3 drones left (my queen popping and speed popping for my lings helped a lot).

At that point I ran to his base and actually micro'd my two lings to kill his 3 drones without a loss. He had two lings pop but I just ran mine away (speed for the win) and got two more lings out (thank god I built those) which allowed me to kill his 2 easily with my 4. At this point he gg'd. He had no drones and I could kill any units that popped in his base while building enough to take out his buildings.

I was thrilled. After that we were 2-1 (Shane couldn't make it so his forfeit made us 2-2). We picked our terran diamond player to play their diamond zerg player (not the one I faced) in the ace match. He lost the first game and put us on edge, but then won the next two! So finally we have a Baneling Bust team win in ESEA!