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Installing Vim and a Sane Environment in Windows

This first post will be about everything I had to install to get Vim working in windows. If you try this out and run into any issues please let me know so I can fix things. I never know what I’ve installed years ago that ends up helping something out. It should also go without saying that in linux I use the default package manager for all of this. On a mac I use homebrew. Both are much simpler since a sane terminal is already installed.

Trying out Vim Again

Recently when looking up information about front end libraries (Angular, Ember, etc… will blog about this later on I’m sure) I realized that Yehuda Katz works on a vim config distribution called Janus. I’ve been having a lot of trouble moving off of IntelliJ onto Emacs at work so I figured it was worth a shot to try out Vim again.

Warcraft Mahjong Set

Due to my love of board games I’ve always wanted to get a proper Mahjong set but they can be pretty expensive. I knew I would want a nice one. When the Chinese Warcraft set was announced I was very interested but unfortunately couldn’t quite swing the price tag. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t realize that only 1000 were going to be made, and that our US office was only getting 250 of them to sell. Luckily I posted on our internal forums and another employee bought one for a friend who no longer wanted it!

Best Arena Run Yet: Hunter 11-3!

Last night I started this hunter deck in arena and it’s worked out pretty well so far. Tonight I finished the run with a score of 11-3!

The Disaster Artist

I probably want to right a longer post about The Room at some point… but for now I just want to mention that I finished The Disaster Artist and it was a GREAT read. As someone who was seriously interested in how this movie got made… this book delivers.